1) What is XGo ID? 

XGo ID combines the functionalities of a directory and a bank account, providing a convenient way for crypto users to locate and connect with each other, as well as securely send and receive funds between wallets. 

In essence, XGo ID is a secure identifier that replaces complex wallet addresses with simple, human-readable addresses. It allows you to manage and transact with your cryptocurrency using easy-to-remember handles, similar to sending a text message to a contact on your mobile phone. 

2) What’s the benefit of using XGo ID?

Well, first of all, you get to pick the handle you want. With this personalized handle, there’s no need to remember complex wallet addresses. Instead, you can conveniently manage them all from this single name. Now, you can begin to send and receive crypto effortlessly without having to type long strings of characters or double-check wallet addresses.

3) How does XGo ID work?

By combining a personalized handle of your choice with the ".xgo.id" extension, XGo ID simplifies the process of managing crypto transactions such as sending and receiving crypto between friends and family. 

This unique identifier replaces the need for complex crypto wallet addresses. For instance, instead of dealing with a lengthy address like "0xd8dA...045," you can choose a simple handle such as "satoshi" and combine it with the extension to form your XGo ID: satoshi.xgo.id. This user-friendly identifier simplifies crypto transactions significantly. 

In technical terms, the combination of your preferred name i.e. the handle and the domain, “.xgo.id” is known as a subdomain

All of this is possible through Ethereum Name Service (ENS) technology. We leverage two smart contracts i.e. two programs by ENS: 

  1. One to register and store handles like phone book entries
  2. The other is used as a translator between easy-to-read addresses and complex machine-readable addresses to ensure transactions are sent to the correct recipient. 

4) How do I claim my unique XGo ID?

It is very easy to do. Simply:

On mobile

i. Download the XGo Mobile app

ii. Complete the sign-up process

iii. Claim your Wallet ID handle

5) What exactly is the bind feature on XGo ID? 

The bind feature is an incredibly handy tool. It allows you to connect your external crypto wallet address to your XGo ID. 

Let’s say you have a Metamask wallet. You can easily bind this wallet address to your wallet ID with just a few clicks in your ⚙️Settings. Once bound, you can use your Metamask directly from the XGo app. Not only that, you can also share your Wallet ID with your friends and family, allowing them to send and receive crypto directly to you without needing to type in a complex wallet address. 

How do I bind my XGo ID?

The bind feature will be available in June 2023.

Once launched, you will need to: 

On mobile app

i. Navigate to Wallet ID ⚙️Settings

ii. Click on “Bind External Address” to initiate the process

It’s as simple as that. 

6) Do I need to pay for XGo ID? 

It’s free. It costs zero, zilch, zip, nil, naught, nothing. In order to create a Wallet ID, all you need is to choose your desired handle upon availaibility, and claim it. 

7) Can I use bad words in my XGo ID?

No, please refrain from doing so. If you use inappropriate, offensive, or copyright infringed words, it will be taken down.

8) Which cryptocurrency does XGo ID support for send/receive?

Currently, you can use XGo ID to send & receive crypto on the following networks:

Rest assured, we are continuously expanding the cryptocurrency network capabilities of XGo ID and update the above list accordingly. 

8) Which wallets and decentralized applications (dApps) does XGo ID support for send/receive? 

Here’s the wallets and dApps we currently support: 

More wallet and dApps compatibility will be available soon.

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