How to withdraw on XGo Plus

To withdraw from XGo Plus, you must have 2fa set up successfully on your account. To set this up please have a look at this article

To withdraw using XGo plus, please follow the below steps:

Go to Account 

Click here to get to Account

Untick Show zero balances

This will make it easier to see what assets can be withdrawn

Click on the Withdraw button

For the asset you would like to withdraw from and either enter the amount or click ‘All Funds’

You will then need to enter the amount you are looking to withdraw and the address of where you are withdrawing to. Once that information is complete, press withdraw.

2FA and email confirmation steps

Once you have entered the information and pressed withdraw, you will then need to enter in your 2FA security code

You will notice that the bottom line states that you need to confirm the withdrawal by email 

You will be sent an email to your registered email address to confirm your withdrawal. You will need to click the link in that email within 1 hour of receiving it, if you don't do this within 1 hour the link will expire and your withdrawal will not complete.

XGo has no control over whether emails go into spam folders or directly into your inbox, so if you don't immediately receive this email, have a look in the spam folder.  

If you need any further help with withdrawing using XGo Plus, please contact our support team

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