Margin Trading with XGo Plus

Margin trading gives you the opportunity to trade at a higher value than the amount you've deposited, effectively borrowing virtual assets from a third party to give more power to your trading. It does, however, increase the risk if values decrease beyond the borrowed amount.

Dedicated algorithms assess market value and risk. This provides the margins that you can trade within.

Here's how to carry out Margin trading:

1.Before you begin margin trading, you need to transfer funds into your derivatives wallet, you can this under Account, select what you are looking to transfer, click transfer and select Derivatives:

Once you have transferred to the Derivatives wallet, move to step 2.

2. Select 'Margin' from the top menu to reveal the margin trading display


3. In the 'Instrument' panel, you'll see against each asset, the multiplied value at which you can trade; the 'Leverage'


4. Choose the asset that you want to trade with 

5. Click on Screenshot_2022-10-18_133133.png in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will reveal the margin transfer pop up below:


6. While you're here, enter the amount you want to add and select 'Transfer'

Now take a look at the 'Long/Buy' panel and you'll see that the amount under 'Buying Power' is uplifted accordingly. 

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