Spot Trading with XGo Plus

To start trading, you'll need to Transfer your assets from ‘Wallet’ into 'Spot':

1. Select 'Account' and select what you would like to transfer and follow the instructions to transfer from 'Wallet to Spot'

2. Select 'Portfolio'

3. Choose an asset that you want to trade with, remove the check the 'Show zero balances' box to see the assets with balances.

4. Select 'Transfer' – When the Transfer pop up displays, choose ‘wallet’ in the 'From' box and ‘spot’ in the 'To' box.

5. In the Transfer pop up you can either enter the amount or choose a percentage of your holdings to transfer. Hit 'Transfer' to move the selected amount from ‘wallet’ to ‘spot’ Now you can trade the transferred amount on spot exchange.

6. Select 'Buy/Swap – This will take you to our spot trading page

7. Enter the ticker of the asset you would like to trade in the Search bar on the Instrument panel. You will see trading pairs available for this asset on tabs for each quoted currency (BTC, USDT, USDC, ETH and others). Double click on a trading pair. The chart will display pricing for the selected pair.

8. To place your first trade, scroll down. Below the chart you can see an order panel, which allows you to place Market, Limit and Scaled orders. After selecting an order type, fill in the amount you would like to buy or sell. You can input a number or select a percentage of your spot holding. 


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