How are XGo Grow Rewards calculated?

Rewards are calculated daily from the minimum sum of balances across your spot and XGo wallet, and credited to your account daily. 

To earn XGo Rewards you need to hold funds on the balance for at least for 24 hours. Please see the calculation below:



  • MinimumDailyBal = balance in the wallet for the last 24 hours + balance in active orders
  • APY = implied Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for a specified Coin or Token

See illustrative example: 

  • 500 SOL Deposit with XGo Rewards enabled in the wallet
    • 6% APY, or 0.01643836% daily yield
  • Daily XGo Reward for SOL = 500 SOL * 0.01643836% = 0.0821918 SOL


To provide further context, two scenarios that help visualize XGo Grow Rewards.


Scenario 1 :: XGo user’s trading account balance fluctuation throughout a 6-day period and minimum balanceFrameworks.pptx__1_.png


Scenario 2 :: XGo user’s trading account balance throughout a 6-day period and minimum balance (no trading activity)Frameworks.pptx__2_.png




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