Whitelisting a withdrawal address in XGo Plus

A Whitelist is a group of pre-approved withdrawal addresses, giving you extra protection from cyber attacks. 

Creating a Whitelist

  1. Open Settings on the XGo Plus (shown as the cog below).


      2. Select "Enable Whitelist"


You’ll now have 12 hours to add your addresses to the Whitelist.

Important: As a security measure, your withdrawals will be automatically suspended for 48 hours, if you:

  • add a second address for the same cryptocurrency, or 
  • you add new addresses after the 12 hour window, or 
  • you disable your whitelist 

Adding an address to an enabled Whitelist

  1. Go to Settings > Whitelist and select ‘Add New’.


       2. Select your desired currency, fill the name and address fields and select ‘Confirm’.


Note: if you’re using a payment ID, together with an address, you’ll also need to add it to the corresponding field.

You can also add multiple whitelist addresses by clicking ‘Add address’. 

This action requires confirmation by clicking a link from the email that you’ll have been sent (See below).


Note: Withdrawal will be unavailable for 48 hours, after which you can only withdraw to your Whitelisted addresses.

If you have any problems, just get in touch with us via the chat button.

Disabling a Whitelist

Select ‘Disable Whitelist’, then click “Submit”.



This will generate a confirmation email (below). Just follow the link from there. 


Following this link will confirm the action and your whitelist will be disabled.

Note: After disabling your Whitelist, all withdrawals will be suspended on your account for 48 hours. You’ll see a notification about it on your Account page. This is a security measure for your funds' safety.

Important: You won’t be able to withdraw your funds in the following cases:

  1. You’re trying to withdraw your funds to an address which is not included in the Whitelist.
  2. You have disabled the Whitelist less than 48 hours ago.
  3. You have added a new address to the Whitelist less than 48 hours ago.
  4. You have added a second address for the same coin during the first 12 hours after enabling Whitelist.
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