XGo Grow Rewards FAQs

Who is eligible for XGo Grow Rewards?

All XGo Users are eligible. All you have to do is make sure you've completed the account verification and set up, together with 2FA (2 factor authentication).

How are XGo Grow Rewards calculated? 

Rewards are calculated daily from the minimum sum of balances across your spot and XGo wallet, and credited to your account daily. 

For a full explanation, just click here.

What fees do you charge on XGo Grow Rewards?

There are currently no fees for participating in XGo Grow Rewards.

Is there a maximum that I can generate through XGo Grow Rewards?

Yes, there is a limit on the maximum amount of rewards an XGo user can generate through the rewards program. At present, XGO will only provide APY rewards on $DOT and other tokens with an aggregate value for up to 10,000 USD.

For example: If you have 10,000 DOT and 5,000 SOL in your account, and the USD value is $100,000. XGo will only provide APY Rewards for $DOT and $SOL for the aggregate value of $10,000.

What's the minimum balance requirement to earn Grow Rewards?

There's currently no minimum balance required to earn our Grow Rewards. Visit here to see the current list of tokens and coins that are eligible.

Which coins do XGo currently support for XGo Grow Rewards?

Just head here for our latest list of supported coins and tokens.

How often do XGo Grow Rewards pay out?

As a general rule, XGo Rewards are paid out every day.

The pay out frequency for different coins and tokens may vary in some cases.

What's the minimum period requirement to earn Grow Rewards?

All you need is to hold funds in your wallet for at least for 24 hours. 

Can I withdraw while earning XGo Grow Rewards?

There is no lock-up period in the XGo Rewards program. You can withdraw your coins and tokens at any time.

Can I trade while earning XGo Grow Rewards?

Yes, you can continue trading once you enable XGo Rewards.

We give XGo Users the flexibility to trade their tokens and continue earning rewards via the XGo Grow Rewards program.

What is the lock-up period?

There is no lock-up period with the XGo Rewards program. You can sell or withdraw your coins and tokens at any time. 

What is APY?

In the traditional sense, Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) are used to calculate interest on investments and credit products. The key difference is that APY takes into account compound interest while APR does not. 

All XGo Rewards are APY denoted. Rewards compound on a daily basis on your minimum balance.

What will my rewards APY be for all the tokens?

Just head to the Trading Report tab from the main menu and Account Summary to check your rewards APY.

How does XGo generate rewards on the Tokens?

XGo generates rewards through a mix of off-chain and on-chain rewards participation.

What's the difference between On-Chain and Off-Chain rewards?

On-chain rewards are generated through participation in security and block validation in the Proof-of-Stake protocol such as Solana.

Off-chain rewards utilize assets ‘Off-chain’ (see our Terms of Service for further details).

What assets are eligible for On-chain and Off-chain rewards?

On-chain rewards are currently available for ETH, Near, and Polkadot balances in your XGo account.

Our on-chain rewards services are powered by Figment, the leading web3 and blockchain infrastructure provider, and other third-party partners. Off-chain rewards are available for all digital asset balances in your account.

You can see the complete list of tokens and their APY in the XGo Rewards tab.

What does XGo do with Off-chain funds?

Just head to our Terms of Service for a complete list of terms and conditions of the On-chain and Off-chain rewards program.

How do I disable XGo Grow Rewards?

All you need to do is click the Disable Rewards button on the XGo Rewards tab. 

Once Rewards are disabled, you'll immediately stop receiving rewards on the idle assets in your XGo wallet.

Was XGo Grow Rewards previously known as the XGo Superfluid Staking Rewards? 

Yes it was, it works exactly the same, nothing but the name has been changed.

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