Why We're Here

Back in 2008, the founding principles of cryptocurrency were to create a shift to a decentralized economy.

Today, following a whirlwind of gains, losses and redirected focus on news around the mismanagement of customer funds, this dream became lost along the way. 

For many who are already involved in crypto, mistrust and doubt descended. 

For those on the outside, looking in; the newcomers and the curious, it’s a confusing minefield of scepticism and technology. 

XGo exists to address this.

Everything we’re creating at XGo is designed to provide helpful products and intuitive customer experiences, built on a foundation of secure business practices, sound risk management and solid corporate governance.

XGo was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts and financial technology experts, to bring you a new perspective. We want to give you the confidence to make crypto work for you, opening up new opportunities in a trusted, connected way.

When we set out, our dream was to build something that would help drive a truly decentralized economy. This dream hasn’t changed, but we recognise that this is a complex challenge and has to be approached carefully, with deep knowledge of our industry and those who exist within it. 

This is a journey...One we’re curious, cautious, and excited about.  

Welcome to our journey.

It's good to have you here.

Team XGo


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