How to use XGo (Making crypto work for you)

We created XGo to help people use cryptocurrency in ways that suit them. This means that whatever your level of crypto knowledge, or whatever your crypto needs, we want to help make things easier for you.


This article provides an overview of the basic structure of XGo: How it fits your crypto needs, how we keep things simple by centering everything around your unique personalized ID, and the 3 key places to interact with XGo.

What do you want to do with crypto?

We’ve designed our crypto services to match the way you usually use money:

  • Send/Receive
  • Spend
  • Grow
  • Buy/Sell/Swap
  • Invest
  • Trade


Giving you access to these services will help you transition safely and successfully from traditional (centralized) finance, into a decentralized economy.


Do everything using your own personalized ID

Currently, when you want to sign up and transact with places like Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, Insta, etc., you must use one or both of these two things:

  1. An email address
  2. A bank account


Once you move to the decentralized economy, these things are blended together under one unique identifier. 


We understand that managing crypto wallets isn’t the easiest thing to achieve as a newcomer. Therefore, when you first sign up with us, the first thing we do is solve this problem, by giving you your own easy-to-understand identifier.


Owning your personalized ID gives you the power to do everything you always did with money… and so much more. If you’re curious about this, take a look here.


Simply create your ID, deposit your currency(s), and you’re good to go.


Use XGo however you want

We know that everyone likes to do things in ways that suit them. It’s for this reason we’ve created three ways for you to access our services:

  • - 
    • Essential crypto services 
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • On your desktop
  • XGo Mobile app - 
    • Essential crypto services 
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • When you’re on the go
  • XGo Plus - 
    • An advanced desktop trading experience for the more serious crypto trader - This is the place to go if you want to trade with XGo


Whatever you want to do with crypto, wherever you want to do it, we’re here to make it happen for you.

If you think we’ve missed anything, just let us know by clicking on the chat button... we’re here to listen.

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