Your personalized identity

Everyone agrees that when you enter the world of crypto, it can be really confusing. 


Not only are there multiple cryptocurrencies and multiple things to do with them, but there are also different receive addresses for each currency you own in your wallet. Additionally, each address is difficult to read and even more difficult to remember, with a long list of letters and numbers.


To solve this, we have created XGo WalletID for you.


This identifier is the key thing you need to use when receiving or sending currency via XGo. 

It’s totally unique, and personal to you.


Your claimed WalletID stores a mapping from your chosen easy-to-read identifier to all specific addresses of each crypto you own.




Signing up with XGo will enable you to claim your Personalized WalletID.


Once active, your WalletID can be used to:

  • Send/receive cryptocurrency fee-free to other XGo users
  • Send/receive cryptocurrency to/from your friends, family, anyone where our WalletID is integrated*
  • Top up a cryptocurrency address linked to a crypto payments card, using:
    • Another crypto platform’s card (eg. Binance, Coinbase, etc.)
    • The XGo Spend card (coming soon)
    • Send your crypto from XGo to long-term storage (cold storage) addresses. E.g. addresses associated with hardware wallets such as Ledger[].
  • Send crypto to wallets outside of our ecosystem (eg. Metamask, Tally Ho, etc.)

There are two stages to getting your personalised identity - Claim and Bind:

1.  Claim

When you first receive your WalletID, XGo reserves it for you within our system, for you to use with other XGo users only.

2.  Bind

To further enhance the capabilities of your WalletID, we bind it so it gets published to the blockchain. Until bound, your WalletID can only be used with other XGo users via our three interfaces

Take a look at the table below to see what’s possible with the WalletID in it’s claimed and bound state, see the table below:


*To see an exhaustive list of everywhere your Bound XGo WalletID will be usable, visit here

**A cryptocurrency address not provided to you by XGo’s custody. Eg. an address provided by another cryptocurrency business, a browser-extension wallet (eg. Metamask), or hardware wallet (Eg. Ledger Nano S).

***An XGo Address is an address provided to you by XGo custody - by using the three ways to access our services.



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