Why trust us?

We’ve been watching things unfold in the world of crypto and blockchain for some time… Years, in fact. 


Trust has been eroded, and with good reason.


The crypto ecosystem has been striving to achieve a decentralized economy since the introduction of blockchain, but we know that this can’t be rushed. Individual aspirations and real value must be realized in the long term. We also respect the need for an element of regulation to keep everyone safe from mismanagement.


Two things we know for sure:

  • You don’t need to use high risk products to get started with crypto….. 
  • Everyone’s introduction to crypto should be more intuitive, familiar, and low risk for sending, spending, receiving, and saving; everything you’re already used to doing with your money.


This is what crypto was supposed to do in the first place.


At XGo, we have 5 key focus areas to make your crypto experience safer and easier than you might think:

  1. A highly experienced team of crypto, finance and regulatory experts
  2. Secure business practices, sound risk management, and solid corporate governance
  3. Human-centered customer support, that focuses solely on your needs
  4. Products and customer experiences that are not limited to trading
  5. Flexibility and choice, focused around individual needs, regardless of experience
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