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Grow rewards is a feature that gives you rewards for holding crypto. There's no need to transfer your funds to any other account, simply enable Grow rewards.

The reward rate and the frequency of pay outs depend on the asset. Basically, the reward you get depends on the annual yield for the selected asset, the average staked balance, and the amount of time you're holding it.

If you want to know more about Grow rewards, here are the answers to some questions you might have.

Keep in mind that not all assets listed in the Market screen support Grow rewards —you can find a list of those that do on the Rewards screen. 

Enabling Grow rewards on the XGo App:

To enable the Grow rewards feature, click on the Grow button in the middle of your Home screen on the App as shown below:

You will then need to tap Enable Rewards to agree to the Rewards user agreement 

That's it! Rewards are now enabled 

What assets qualify for Grow rewards?

To view assets that earn rewards, tap on Grow

You will be automatically taken to the 'All list' and you will be able to see all of the assets that qualify for Grow rewards. You can also tap 'You get rewards' and it will show you a list of assets that you personally get rewards from.

Grow rewards on XGo Plus

To access the Grow rewards screen:

  1. Tap '% Grow' from the main menu, from there select 'Enable Rewards' as shown below. 

Here, you can scroll through the list of assets available for Grow rewards, along with their estimated annual yield and pay out frequency. If you own any assets in the list for which rewards are available, you'll see a tick mark next to the icon.

To Disable Staking Rewards

Simply select 'Disable Rewards' as shown below. 


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