Buying and selling crypto

Before we go into this, here’s a quick word about the word ‘Fiat’. When you see this word, it refers to government-issued currency, like the Euro, British Pound, or US Dollar.


In this article, we want to help with your crypto journey by explaining how you buy your crypto using XGo’s services, how you then swap between currencies, and then how you sell your crypto back into Fiat.




Buying Crypto

Using the XGo services, you can place Fiat onto the XGo platform so that it can be converted to cryptocurrency


We’ve created two ways of doing this:



Here, you simply deposit Fiat into your XGo account. Once it’s there, you can swap it for any one of over 170 carefully selected cryptocurrencies we have available. This means that buying crypto is a two step process:

Step 1: Transfer Fiat to your XGo account to top up. You will see it arrive once the transfer clears. 

Step 2: Swap the Fiat that has been deposited with the crypto of your choice



This is a quick-buy process, involving only one step using our XGo Buy service:

Select the crypto you want and buy it with your card. This sends XGo fiat, which is automatically converted by us into your chosen cryptocurrency and your XGo account is credited with the cryptocurrency. 

Selling Crypto

This is where you simply convert your Crypto back into Fiat and transfer it back to your regular bank account using bank transfer. For more information, just visit here.  


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